Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Greatest Game I've Ever Been Apart Of? I Say Yes.

Ok, so perhaps that doesn't mean much. But still. It was awesome.

So, tonight I decided to go play basketball. I hadn't played since before Thanksgiving because I hurt my knee. But last week I went to the doctor and got an x-ray and he said it was clean, and my knee felt good structurally. So without an MRI, I basically needed to just push it and see if maybe I can't just work through it and get it stronger. Or, it blows out and I need surgery. But I had to push it and see what happened.

So after class tonight, I went to the gym around 7:30. Lots of undergrads for pickup games. I got in a game on a good team. I was pretty tentative at first. The whole night I think I drove maybe twice. Just trying to move laterally, see how it felt. It felt kinda weak...probably from having not run or jumped for 2 months. I played about 4 games, finally losing the 4th, and decided to call it a fairly successful night.

As I'm walking off the court I see this dude named Luke from my Law School League basketball team. Yeah, it's a league of all law school people. In my 5 semesters here, I have lost exactly zero times. But I suppose I'm like Robert Horry. I just managed to get on two separate good teams and we pretty much clean house. He says some of the guys from my law school team and a couple guys from another law school team have an intramural game in an undergrad league starting in a few minutes, at 9. He says he thinks they could use me, so I figured what the hell. I was pretty tired and a bit worried about my knee, but I gave it a shot. I only played about 15 minutes. I think my line was 15 minutes, 0-1 FGs, 0 points, 2 or 3 rebs, 1 turnover, 1 assist. So yeah, I'm at least the 8th or 9th worst on this 9 man team.

Anyways, the other team is a bunch of undergrad dudes with like... 7 or 8 Scholars. We're down 50-44 with about 45 seconds left and start fouling. We manage to tie it up at 54 and have a decent final shot for the win, no good. In overtime, we are up 3. We get hosed on a horse shit call that I won't go into, and then they hit a 3 to tie. We go to double overtime. Lots of interesting to me, but not interesting to you, stuff happens to put us down 1 with 2.8 seconds left. We call timeout, but we still have to inbound the ball full court.

And then, essentially, this happened.

I'm not kidding. We threw it the length of the floor and somehow my teammate, Chris, catches it on the right wing. He takes a couple dribbles toward the baseline, shoots it from kind of behind the backboard over 2 guys, and buries it as the buzzer sounds.

The shot itself was kind of like this.

It was god damn incredible. And don't think for ONE SECOND that I didn't run around like Thomas Hill (#12, Duke, first video) when it happened. Well, less crying and disbelief. More whooping and mobbing.

I wish it was on video. Alas.

Post Script: Just because these commercials were awesome...

Post-Post Script:

Senthil points out that, as amazing as this was, it does not surpass the time I tackled a guy and ended the game with a bench clearing brawl. Touche, Senthil. Touche.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Smell Like Cake

Earlier this evening, I helped my roommate take his Christmas tree out to be disposed of. I should say, that thing hadn't been given water in a month (at least) and was the greatest fire hazard I have ever personally come into contact with. Probably. It weighed about two pounds it was so dry. It was like gasoline mixed with kerosene.

Anyways. In removing the tree, I predictably got sap on my hands. Not much. Just enough to prove an annoyance. I tried washing my hands with soap and that did not do the trick. I went to my google machine and found that one good way to remove sap from skin is Pam cooking spray. 

I trudged upstairs and looked in the pantry for some Pam. I found some Pam, but it was Pam "Baking" spray. Apparently there is a difference. The only difference I could tell was that the stuff smells like a baking cake. Like, it is uncanny. It smells like a cake is in the oven. The smell is really fucking intoxicating. So I spray the Pam Baking Spray on my hands and rub it all around. I then clean my hands with handsoap. It worked like a charm except for two small side effects:

1) My hands still feel slightly greasy after 3 hand washings. 
2) My hands smell exactly like a baked cake. Again, even after 3 hand washings.

I am not kidding. They smell fantastic. Unless you don't like the smell of a baking cake, in which case you might as well kill yourself because you are incapable of enjoying the great things in life.

The thought occurred to me that this could be either the greatest OR WORST diet tool ever created. It depends on your reaction, I guess. If the smell of a baking cake satisfies your sweet tooth, it would be fantastic in helping you lose weight by suppressing your appetite. On the other hand, if the smell of a baking cake makes you crave a cake so badly that you actually make and consume a cake, well, I guess it'd be pretty fucking worthless.